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    Shipyard assembly test, many challenges

    The liquefied natural gas, the first liquefied natural gas luxury cruise ship built for the Costa Cruises by Meyer Turku Shipyard in Finland, has announced yet another delay in delivery, as it is not the first delay The news quickly drew intense attention in the industry, with several industry sources speculating that the delay was due to the complexity of the propulsion system and the difficulty of building and assembling it. Although China has not yet been involved in the design and construction of LNG-powered luxury cruise ships, in recent years, China has made many explorations in the field of LNG / diesel dual fuel large passenger ships design and construction Some achievements have been made in the research and development of dual fuel engines in domestic auxiliary plants, which have accumulated experience for exploring the market of large-scale dual fuel passenger ships with more subdivisions. However, this is not enough. Industry insiders point out that there is still a gap between China and foreign countries in the design and construction of large-scale dual-fuel passenger ships and the research and development of dual-fuel engines. Therefore, relevant enterprises should conduct in-depth research and master relevant technologies We will build a sound production management system and service system, increase communication among enterprises, and promote domestic construction technology and localization to steadily increase the rate of matching, in order to constantly reduce road resistance. Shipyard, assembly test and challenges on December 14,2018, GSK international delivered the world's first LNG / oil dual fuel high-speed luxury ro-ro ship, the VISBORG, to the Swedish shipping company Gotland. The vessel was contracted for construction in November 2014, with a total of two vessels and a single vessel price of more than 1 billion yuan, creating the highest single vessel construction cost for civil and marine engineering vessels since the establishment of GSI in 1954; the single vessel length is 200 meters It is 25.2 m wide, designed to have a draft of 6.4 m, has a service speed of more than 28.5 knots, carries 1,730 passengers, has a two storey vehicle deck, a lane length of 2,310 m, a range of 6,500 nautical miles, a 24 hour self sustaining W?rtsil? twin fuel engine. At that time, the media reported that The luxury ro-ro ship is driven by the world's most advanced LNG / Fuel dual-fuel main engine. It is the world's fastest and best energy-saving and environment-friendly high-end luxury ro-ro ship. The construction of the ship will provide our country with the experience of acquiring the luxury cruise ship, which has far-reaching construction significance, said The Crown Jewels. When large passenger ships are equipped with dual-fuel power, the increase is not only the cost, but also a number of technical difficulties brought by the barriers. Although the ro-ro ship has been built before, it is the first time for GSI to take on the double fuel ro-ro ship. With no precedent to follow, and a tight foreign blockade on construction technology, the company faced greater difficulties LNG system includes injection, ventilation, heating, gas supply, ventilation, nitrogen system, combustible gas monitoring, LNG system control, monitoring, alarm and so on. Because LNG is stored at minus 160 degrees Celsius, its system loading is the biggest test for shipyards. To this end, the company set up a number of research groups, system design and layout, installation, commissioning, filling the relevant process and operation instructions, Safe Operation Management, and other aspects of research During the National Day Golden Week in October 2018, all members of the GSIC Gotland ro project team worked overtime to pre-cool the entire LNG system to below minus 100 degrees Celsius before filling it for a test run. After 14 hours of intensive work, GSI has completed the task of adding LNG to the ship under construction for the first time. LNG and marine light diesel (MGO) dual-fuel power systems are used in ro-ro passenger ships, which is still in its infancy in the world and the first time in China. The requirements of the relevant codes for the maneuverability, reliability, stability and safety of the propulsion system of the high-speed ro-ro passenger ship with dual-fuel are much higher than those for the cargo ship with dual-fuel propulsion. Guangchuan international can only cross the river by feeling the stones, while doing while learning, took many detours and suffered a lot, concluded a Guangzhou Shipyard International international technician. In addition to the delivered vessel the Visborg, the series'No. 2 vessel is still docked at the Guangchuan International Terminal and has not yet been delivered. According to a person close to the shipyard, the No. 2 ship has been facing the risk of delay in delivery, dual fuel engine shafting problems. Double fuel main engine is a new thing, the main shaft in high-speed operation will appear high temperature phenomenon, shipowners can not accept, everyone has been talking about. Because it is a new type of power, there is not much to choose from and it is hard to avoid getting stuck Ship is a big thing, equipment suppliers are many, but the key equipment R & D patents are still in the hands of foreign companies, the voice and standards are in their hands, shipowners will choose them more; if our country has such power supporting equipment, may not be so passive Unlike some large passenger ships which use diesel as a power device (CRP Azipod Pod) , the Gotland series ships use a typical LNG / fuel dual fuel engine with Variable pitch propeller propulsion system. The above-mentioned international technical personage of Guangzhou ship introduced which kind of propulsion method to use A comprehensive comparison of the initial investment, maintenance cost, load distribution under various operating conditions, maneuverability, rapidity, safety, fuel and oil consumption costs of the main engine and diesel generator shall be made And the combination of ship size, location, etc. . The Gotland series ships are designed to use conventional propulsion systems and dual-fuel engines according to the owner's wishes. In the field of dual-fuel engine, foreign energy technology companies almost occupied the whole market, especially the European and American companies entered the field early and had the main voice. In 2011, German MAN introduced the ME-GI series high pressure dual fuel engine; in 2012, Caterpillar introduced the M46DF dual fuel engine; in November 2013, W?rtsil? introduced DF series low pressure dual fuel engine. Not only that, South Korea, Japan also in the field, with the help of a variety of maritime exhibition and other platforms to release their results. From the domestic point of view, China's dual-fuel engine development started late, compared with foreign countries with mature technology, China's dual-fuel engine is still a big gap. In June 2015, the 5RT-flex50DF dual-fuel low-speed machine produced by Yuchai Marine Power Co. , Ltd. in cooperation with W?rtsil? was successfully delivered, which is the first low-pressure dual-fuel low-speed machine in the world and the first dual-fuel low-speed machine in China It was assembled on a 14,000 cubic metre LNG carrier. Due to the high cost of development and technical constraints, China's dual-fuel engine industry was primarily manufacturing at first Our country also gradually from the cooperation development to the independent research and Development Development Path. At present, the domestic production of dual-fuel engine manufacturers are mainly Zichai Power Co. , Ltd. , Anqing China Ship Diesel Engine Co. , Ltd. , China Ship Power Co. , Ltd. , Yuchai and other enterprises. Xia Qian, a research and development person at CSSDI, said that from abroad, both WinGD and MAN have rich experience in the application of low-speed dual-fuel engines on board ships W?rtsil?, Caterpillar, Hyundai heavy industries and others have mature products in the area of medium speed dual fuel engines for land power stations and large ships. At present, the self-developed medium-speed dual-fuel engine in China has reached the performance level of foreign dual-fuel engine, but it is still in the process of market promotion and needs to be further verified by a real ship. Whether from abroad or at home, the dual-fuel engine itself, the technology has been relatively mature. Nevertheless, the case that double-fuel engine installs in large passenger ship is not much, accordingly, the personage inside course of study also points out, be it shipyard or

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